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CFC United Boys are proud to have been announced as one of the founding members of the Boys ECNL Northeast Conference!


The conference kicked-off competition in the 2017-2018 season in a ground-breaking moment for boys’ soccer across the country as a qualifying conference for the ENPL (Elite National Premier League). Founded to improve the daily environment for boys youth soccer players through a holistic and collaborative club-based development program, the Boys ECNL features regular season conference competition and regular season cross conference events / showcases for its member clubs. Qualifying teams, based on regular season performance, advance to the post-season championship of the ENPL, along with qualifiers from various National Premier Leagues across the country.


The Northeast Conference features competition in 6 age groups: U13 (Pre-ECNL) U14, U15, U16, U17, and U18/19. Teams are placed in geographical divisions, playing approximately 14-16 conference games, with additional 3-6 games in cross-conference regular season events depending on age group. Schedules allow players to participate in high school soccer, and clubs will be empowered to play the style and system of play they deem best for their players.

Friday, April 26th
5:00PM Tryouts for age groups - 2002/01, 2003, 2004
6:30PM Tryouts for age groups - 2007 (08's welcome), 2006, 2005
Boys ECNL Coaching Roster
2007 U13 Boys ECNL - Head Coach Ted Haley
2006 U14 Boys ECNL - Head Coach Tony Leone 
2005 U15 Boys ECNL - Head Coach Matt Jones
2004 U16 Boys ECNL - Head Coach Graciano Brito
2003 U17 Boys ECNL - Head Coach Matt Jones
2002/01 U18/19 Boys ECNL - Head Coach Ted Haley
2002/01 U18/19 Composite ECNL Team/Elite Academy - Head Coach Eric Da Costa

For more information on the  United teams please reach out to the CFC United Boys ECNL Director Eric DaCosta at CFCunitedboys@gmail.com

All Tryouts will be held at CFC Park

667 Amity Road

Bethany, CT